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Re: [Nmh-workers] mhlist(1) Alters Current Message.

2013-11-08 21:09:36
As documented, mhlist(1) sets the current message to the last of those
it lists.  I find that odd, considering mhlist(1) to be similar to
scan(1) as mhshow(1) is to show(1);  scan doesn't alter cur.

I guess I can understand that perspective, but I do things like this a lot:

% mhlist 999
% mhstore -part 2.1

To me, the natural order of scan(1) is that it's normally looking at
multiple messages. mhlist(1) is closer to mhshow(1) for me; something
that displays more detailed information about a message, in a format
that's designed for single message view.  I mean, yeah, you can
mhlist(1) multiple messages, but you can mhshow(1) multiple message as

But I can appreciate your perspective, and will concede that I can see
where you're coming from.  Would you be happy with a -nochangecur switch
for mhlist(1), a la inc(1)?  Of course, you'd have to upgrade from your
ancient 1.3 installation to make use of it :-)


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