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Re: [Nmh-workers] mhlist(1) Alters Current Message.

2013-11-09 06:39:51
norm(_at_)dad(_dot_)org writes:
Ken Hornstein <kenh(_at_)pobox(_dot_)com> writes:
As documented, mhlist(1) sets the current message to the last of those
it lists.  I find that odd, considering mhlist(1) to be similar to
scan(1) as mhshow(1) is to show(1);  scan doesn't alter cur.

I guess I can understand that perspective, but I do things like this a lot:

% mhlist 999
% mhstore -part 2.1

To me, the natural order of scan(1) is that it'snormally looking at
multiple messages. mhlist(1) is closer to mhshow(1) for me; something
that displays more detailed information about a message, in a format
that's designed for single message view.  I mean, yeah, you can
mhlist(1) multiple messages, but you can mhshow(1) multiple message as

What Ken said.

Another way of looking at this,is the default when no message sequences or
message numbers are given. With scan, the default is to scan everything. With
show and mhshow the the default is to show just the current message.

That is, scan is thought of as applying to multiple messages, even though it
can apply to just a single message, but show and mhshow are thought of as
applying to single messages even though they can apply to multiple messages.

    Norman Shapiro

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