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Re: [Nmh-workers] OpenBSD added to the buildbot cluster

2013-12-13 17:18:16
Pascal wrote:

On Thu, 12 Dec 2013 19:52:54 -0500, David Levine wrote:
test-manpages fails because of a slew of these:

  man8/post.8:1: warning: unbalanced .el request

Any ideas?

To me, this looks like it could be caused by a local patch to
an-old.tmac that's applied in the OpenBSD groff port.  CC'ing Ingo
Schwarze, our roff guru. :)

Thanks.  Adding -Wel to our groff invocation (this is in a test)
shut them up.

Also, any ideas on how to squelch these:

  warning: strcpy() is almost always misused, please use strlcpy()

Based on a very quick web search, it looks like they're from the
linker and there's no easy way.  We could filter them out of the
linker output.

Well, the proper way to get rid of them is to not use unsafe APIs ...

Not everyone agrees, reportedly including the glibc maintainers:

But of course, that's a major development decision and would require
lots of care to do properly.

Right.  I'll trust that the approx. 150 occurrences in nmh are
safe and just filter out the warnings.


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