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Re: [Nmh-workers] Picking Recent Emails.

2015-04-08 20:56:21
Paul F. wrote:

from my "man find":
        Measure  times  (for  -amin,  -atime,  -cmin, -ctime, -mmin, and
        -mtime) from the beginning of today rather than  from  24  hours
        ago.   This  option only affects tests which appear later on the
        command line.

i assume ralph wasn't suggesting changing current behavior.  adding an
option seems reasonable enough (and useful).

Yes.  Supporting "appear later on the command line" would be
non-trivial, as in messy but not difficult, with the MH command line
parser.  Do we really need that?  It seems a bit wierd to me to mix
the 24-hour and calendar dates.


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