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Re: [Nmh-workers] Picking Recent Emails.

2015-04-08 22:05:17
david wrote:
Ken wrote:

I think a -daystart (or whatever we want to call it) option should
apply to all dates on the command line that lack a specific time.


Sounds good to me.  Maybe call it something else to avoid confusion.

i'm not sure there would be that much confusion.  -daystart would mean
the same thing, it would just apply differently than it does in find.
i'd say that find options and nmh options are both fairly...  "special"
in their relationship to the rest of the unix/posix world.  no one will
be surprised if find and nmh don't exactly agree.

 paul fox, pgf(_at_)foxharp(_dot_)boston(_dot_)ma(_dot_)us (arlington, ma, 
where it's 28.8 degrees)

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