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Re: [Nmh-workers] Changes to new.man

2017-03-21 07:11:26
Hi Larry,

    .«-B-»«+BR+» new «+,+»
    in its default mode«+,+»
    produces a one«-\-»-line«-\-»-per«-\-»-folder listing
    of all folders «-containing-» «+which contain+» messages
    in the «-listed-» «+specified+»
    .IR sequences «+,+»
    or in the «-sequences-» «+sequence(s)+» listed
    in the profile entry
    .RI \*(lq Unseen-Sequence \*(rq.

Regarding `which contain', I think it's `that contain'?  AIUI it's
`which' when it's incidental or parenthetical to the point being made,
and `that' when it's central.  But I've no education in this matter,
just what I picked up over time.  (Didn't Knuth get persuaded his many
`which' in TAoP were wrong and change them over?)  I know it's only a
man page, but given your pedantic eye I thought you might be interested,
and I'd learn something from those on the list that actually know this

Cheers, Ralph.

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