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Re: [Nmh-workers] Where are we at for 1.7.1?

2018-02-01 00:08:54
Ken Hornstein writes:
This begs a larger question ... should we just specify iconv as a
requirement for the next release?

You're thinking those without it, e.g. Andy, could easily get iconv with
a package install?

Yeah ... I am kind of surprised OpenBSD doesn't ship with iconv, but I
have to believe it's available via a package.

So far nobody's stepped up to write iconv for OpenBSD, and we can't
include GNU iconv by default due to the license. I believe FreeBSD
switched to their own implementation a while back; perhaps I should take
a look...

Personally I think iconv is a perfectly reasonable requirement for a
modern mail client, and removing the ability to build nmh without it
(especially since it's POSIX-standardized) makes sense for maintenance

Anthony J. Bentley


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