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Re: [Nmh-workers] Where are we at for 1.7.1?

2018-02-01 11:42:08
CONFIGURE_ENV=          ac_cv_header_db_h=no \

Out of interest, is that steering configure to not probe for db.h and
move on to another?  Anything nmh should be doing better to avoid the
need for this and work better elsewhere?

Urrrk.  If there is ONE bit of code that has caused us a huge amount of
consternation relative to it's use in nmh, it is the db/dbm code.  It is
ONLY used by slocal to suppress messages with the same Message-Id.  I
asked about removing this feature once, and I only got minor pushback.
While this API is part of POSIX, it doesn't seem like they are
standardized in terms of header files & library names.

I'd rather make this support conditional; if we can't find a working
db/dbm library then we just don't support duplicate message suppression.
Also, the implementation seems to have the Message-Id database grow
without bounds, so I have to wonder how much it's being used.

(I would search nmh-workers archive, but the search is broken;  I'll
ping them.)

Hm, I just tried it out and it worked fine for me.



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