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Re: [Nmh-workers] GCC 8 pre-releases have escaped...

2018-02-05 19:12:58

Ken Hornstein wrote:
Yes, I like asprintf(), but it's not POSIX.  snprintf(NULL, 0, fmt, ...)
is POSIX and returns the strlen() of what would have been written,
allowing a second call to do the work, again, for real this time.

A quick glance suggests to me that even while asprintf() is not part of
POSIX, it is on *BSD systems, newer versions of MacOS X, and is in
glibc.  That sounds like pretty good coverage to me.

me too. however, let it also be said that...

 I'd personally be
willing to live with the inefficiency of a simple {v}asprintf()
implementation that just called {v}snprintf() with a size of 0 to get
the real size and then called it again with a correctly-allocated buffer.

...ralph's proposal to have uvsnprintf() call snprintf() up to twice, once to get the length, and then perhaps again to get the data, is fine. we'd want the unvetted calls to be vetted a-s-a-p. so the efficiency of the unvetted versions need not concern us.

P Vixie


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