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Re: [Nmh-workers] GCC 8 pre-releases have escaped...

2018-02-06 20:54:08
i want to be sure you know you just said "we want MH to run on older 
operating systems, not just the ones being installed today and in the 
future." even microsoft's windows 10 ubuntu thingie can handle hboehm. 

Weeelll ... I don't think that quite captures my view.  It would be more
accurate to say, "Today, the people maintaining hboehm have ported it
to a large number of systems."  We have no guarantee that will continue
to be true.  And if we switch to using GC for memory management, it's
probably a one-way trip (and I don't see how we could reasonably make it
so a user gets to pick between garbage collection and explicit memory
management at compile time).  It took us a few decades to finally make
our libraries be agnostic to the stdio implementation; hitching our
wagon to a third-party GC library just seems like we'd be asking for
a similar set of headaches all over again.



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