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Re: [nmh-workers] Superhuman MUA.

2019-06-10 08:04:40
I heard of this Gmail-competitor MUA recently.  https://superhuman.com/
Reading through its list of features, it seems quite easy to think of
scripting some of them, e.g. delayed sending by refiling into a to-send
folder that's posted in the background, or appending a future reminder
to a per-day file to be inc'd.

I had not heard of it, so I took a look at it.  The web site sure does
look great, and features rocket engines, sparklers, and attractive
people playing tennis.  Which ... I guess is related to email?  Maybe if
I spend less time emailing I'll have more time to play tennis and I'll
be more attractive.

And a few of the features they claim to support seem ... impossible?
Like "Undo Send" ... how does THAT work?

For the avoidance of doubt, this isn't suggesting we ship features like
this, just a reaffirmation that being able to script mail-processing
programs that work well together, and with the rest of Unix, is

Yeah, it's just convincing people of that (and getting our MIME support)
up to snuff).



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