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Re: [nmh-workers] Formatting HTML to Text: netrik.

2019-06-30 14:28:23
  repl: no blank lines are permitted in .mh_profile

Can you (or anyone) explain that to me?  There are, and were, *no* blank
lines in my ~/.mh_profile file!

Sigh.  See my reply to Conrad's question about this, here:


The problem is if you don't create a config file that follows the format
of message headers, at some point the email parser routine will decide
"Hey, this is a message body" and stop parsing.  The most COMMON cause of
this is putting in a blank line, but other things that do not look like
message headers also can cause this.  This is an improvement over before
where it would just silently stop.

Try commenting out that line by using "#:". Although from what you
posted, I thought it SHOULD work.  If you could zip up your broken
config file and send it to me privately, I could take a look at it.



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