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Re: Formatting annotations in mhl

2022-05-13 10:20:41
Does anyone have a good (or even passable) way to write
an mhl format file description which will do something
sane (not just ignore) fields which are annotations added by anno ?

What would you consider "sane"?  I think right now you're limited to
"display" or "not display".

And, hm.  It's a challenge!  It seems like the common one "Replied"
looks like:

Replied: <date>
Replied: email-address-1
Replied: email-address-2

(I know you explained this in your original message, but I wanted to give
an example).

Right now the tools we have to deal with that aren't wonderful.  We can slurp
all fields together into one string inside of the format engine, but mhl
can't really handle that.  We could try to send stuff through either the
address parser or date parser, but I don't think we have a way of saying
"Don't display this field if it can't be parsed".  So ... I think we're
a bit stuck on dealing with this intelligently.


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