Re: ICU 1.8.1 and ICU4J 1.3.1 released - with new license

2001-06-15 16:48:12
Wow, this is great news!

Now I don't have to apologize to Perl people about
ICU's original licence being incompatible with Perl's
Artistic Licence, so more Perl programmers will take
interest in ICU via picu (Perl wrappers for ICU).

And both BSD and Linux folks can offer interoperable
platform support for ICU.

My belief is that ICU is such an important API that if IBM
had not more freely licensed it, then a freer clone would
develop sooner rather than later. And that's just redundant.

Thanks again, IBM.

Perl Wrappers for ICU project - see the talk at O'Reilly OSCON

"Edward J. Batutis" wrote:

This is a huge win for international support in Perl,
and I'm sure many other open source projects.

Thanks to everyone at IBM who worked to make this
happen! I'm sure that many people did not believe IBM
would do this kind of thing - even though there are
obvious benefits for IBM as well as the open source
community. It's ample evidence of a new "can-do"
attitude at IBM.


Hello ICU users,

We will have a maintenance release of ICU on Friday or next Wednesday, 
depending on a couple of issues.
This will be ICU 1.8.1, and it will replace ICU 1.8 for purposes of reference 
release status (mostly IBM issues).

The changes include many bug fixes and improvements in the collation code and 
data, and a bug fix in the normalization code.

If you are using ICU 1.8 then please make sure that your product works with 
ICU 1.8.1 and give us feedback as soon as possible.

The code is available via CVS, tagged as "release-1-8-1-d02".

There will be a parallel ICU4J/JNI 1.3.1 maintenance release. The most 
important bug fix there is in normalization.


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