Re: [Encode] poll; should *.ucm be relocated out of Encode?

2002-04-01 03:40:44
Dan Kogai <dankogai(_at_)dan(_dot_)co(_dot_)jp> writes:
Encode Hackers,

  I think I have overlooked the impact of ucm-transition.
  It is possible that *.ucm be relocated elsewhere so they won't be 
installed in lib/perl5.  Unlike *.enc files which are actually used by 
modules *.ucm are not needed for runtime because they are all 
  I would enjoy *.ucm installed but (ports|pkg|rpm) maintainers would 
think otherwise.  My opinion is a little shaky but I am against it 
because in a way they can act like pod for *.pm.  Surely we can use it 
more creatively than just a source of XS.  How about ucmdoc :?
  But once again package developers may not be happy about it and I 
would like to be sure of the consensus.
  I am looking forward to your opinions.

As far as I am concerned there is no point in installing .ucm unless 
we we also have some module which can "load" them at run time.
The only reason .enc's were installed was for Encode::Tcl.

Dan the Encode Maintainer
Nick Ing-Simmons

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