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2002-07-12 08:30:04
Ed Batutis <ed(_at_)batutis(_dot_)com> writes:
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From: "russ graham" <russgraham(_at_)earthlink(_dot_)net>
I'm hoping there is a good, general solution for multilingual text input,
maybe an extension to Readline::Perl.

If you want a good, general solution, there probably is one: the operating
system you are using right now.

Try this: change your locale and/or keyboard setting to Spanish. Then, type.
Of course what you see might not match what is printed on your keycaps, but
then you just need a keyboard chart for the layout you've chosen.

There is also most-likely some kind of "compose character" support 
in your X driver. When that works you type close to what you said,
but need to press the right control key before the ' of your 'i.
This used to "just work" on my Sun (and key was labeled compose).
For Linux it worked once though locations of accents were "odd".
It is all controlled via xmodmap.

Generally this sort of thing needs to be handled below Readline or TK or

I think it is do-able as readline or Tk - or even a PerlIO layer:


Nick Ing-Simmons

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