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Re: Auto Subscription FINALLY!

1996-06-01 22:49:05
| but perhaps you can
| answer me this.. how do I trim ANY whitespace from the beginning OR end of
| $NAME?
Well, ...
   * NAME ?? \\/[^    ].*[^   ]
   { NAME=$MATCH }
where the two sets of brackets each enclose a caret, a space, and a tab.
Remember that to the right of the extraction operator procmail looks for
the *longest* possible match.  You need the extra backslash to protect
the first one; otherwise an initial backslash would just escape the fore-
slash instead of forming an extraction operator.

No, that didn't work... when I tried it, a verbose log told said there was
NO MATCH for that condition, so I dont' know, it was one spc and one tab
for sure, but no go...

| ... have you seen my other post yet about getting the 'coc subscribe'
| request from EITHER the body or subject?? how would I go about that?
You required it at the beginning of the line if it's in the body, so
something like this would work:
   * 2147483647^0 ^Subject: coc subscribe
   * 1^0 B ?? ^coc subscribe
   { actions on success }

Ok, this is VERY confusing, can you explain to me what these numbers

It may be easier to write this way:
   * ! ^Subject: coc subscribe
   * ! B ?? ^coc subscribe
   { }
   { actions on success }

Yeah, this would be better, but I also have a question, what do we do
about getting the $NAME variable set, since we are using a line like this:

   * ^Subject: coc subscribe \/[^ ]*
     :0 # twenty-five dots
     * NAME ?? ^^\/.........................
     { NAME=$MATCH }

How do we work around this? Difficult eh?

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