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Re: Dealing with Quota's?

1996-06-01 22:20:55
David Mazieres <dm(_at_)amsterdam(_dot_)lcs(_dot_)mit(_dot_)edu> writes:
Hmm...  With procmail 3.11pre4 compiled with gcc under SunOS 4.1.3,
the mail just disappears--It's not delivered (and the logfile contains
a message about truncation), but procmail exits with exit code 0.  The
-t flag does not change this unless you specifically also specify the
-m flag with a path to your procmailrc.

If anyone can get the "correct" -t behavior without the -m flag, could
you let me know what I'm doing wrong?

Wacky.  I'd be tempted to recompile with debugging, then fire up gdb on
it and walk it through to see what's happening.  Just put a breakpoint
on watchfolder() and go from there...

Philip Guenther

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