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Re: Dealing with Quota's?

1996-06-01 22:03:03
From: Philip Guenther <guenther(_at_)gac(_dot_)edu>

Ed Hill <edhill(_at_)strobe(_dot_)weeg(_dot_)uiowa(_dot_)edu> writes:
Currently we have quota's turned off, but we plan on turning them back on
soon.  What is the expected behavior when procmail can't update a person's
mail file because he/she is over quota.  Does it die with a hard error and
bounce back to sender?

<checks the source>

It treats it like any other write error and considers the write as
failing.  If the -t flag was given then it'll exit with EX_TEMPFAIL and
sendmail will requeue it, otherwise it'll exit with EX_CANTCREAT and
sendmail will bounce it.  It *will* spew a little note to stderr
("Quota exceeded while writing") which sendmail should nicely include
in the bounce message.

Hmm...  With procmail 3.11pre4 compiled with gcc under SunOS 4.1.3,
the mail just disappears--It's not delivered (and the logfile contains
a message about truncation), but procmail exits with exit code 0.  The
-t flag does not change this unless you specifically also specify the
-m flag with a path to your procmailrc.

If anyone can get the "correct" -t behavior without the -m flag, could
you let me know what I'm doing wrong?


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