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Re: Dealing with Quota's?

1996-06-04 19:20:15
On Mon, 3 Jun 1996, Philip Guenther wrote:

Brock Rozen <brozen(_at_)netvoyage(_dot_)net> writes:
You know what though. If my system doesn't have enough room to allow my
mail to be delivered (I'm talking about hard-disk space; we don't have
quotas on my system) then I should be the one mad. If the hard-disk
doesn't fill up then it won't be a problem writing to the disk and thus,
the mailqueue won't fill up.  :)

Then what's the point of using the -t flag?  If it's all one partition,
then presumably once it fills up then sendmail won't be able write a
queue file either, and it will be bounced anyway.  Seems kinda pointless
to me.

Oh, that's the whole point. We have three partitions. I'm hoping the -t
flag will store the mail elsewhere until the main partition clears up.

And in regards to a rcfile being incorrect, it should just deliver to my
inbox if nothing else.

Does it?  If you really munge up your .procmailrc I think it'll bounce/requeue
it, depending on what the garbage looks like to procmail.

Well, the -t can't hurt, right? If so, then there's no reason not to
include it.

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