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Locking folders and .forward files

1996-06-10 22:53:42
Sorry, two topics, one message. :)

Topic 1: Locking folders
Someone posted a problem with locking folders earlier, and I thought I
saved it, but I must have done so in /dev/null. :)  Anyway, I also have
procmail installed for personal use and get the error locking message only
on my main incoming mail file.  I believe this has to do with the fact
that it's trying to create the lock file in a directory (/usr/mail) that I
don't have write privileges in.  I'm using Pine 3.93 (which I also have my
own copy of) and I'm not sure what it does to lock the INBOX since it also
shouldn't be able to write in that directory.  Is there a way to either
get it not to lock or a way to get it to work the same way Pine is?

Topic 2: .forward files
I have another account that I want to use procmail on, but I'm not sure if
it will cause a problem.  My other account has several different types of
machines (mostly HP's, some Linux, and 1 or 2 DEC's).  The sysadmin people
have placed a .forward file in there to route mail to one specific machine
(the most powerful of the HP's).  This is where I would like to run
procmail, but I'm afraid that if I just replace the .forward file with one
for procmail that mail coming to one of the other types of machines (Linux
or DEC) will go off the deep end when it tries to run a copy of procmail
compiled for a different machine.  My question is would it be acceptable
to user a forward file like:

|IFS=... (procmail line here)

Would that have to desired effect of routing all mail coming to any of the
clustered machines to a common one and when it got to the common one
routing it through procmail?  Could it possibly route it through procmail
twice it it was an HP that it came to initially?  Any help figuring out
the best way to do this (other than finding root and beating him over the
head until he gives me the password and then installing procmail
system-wide <g>) would be greatly appreciated.

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