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formail: Couldn't open/bin/sh

1996-06-11 04:47:50
Ever since I put


at the beginning of my .procmailrc, I'm getting the following
errors in my LOGFILE:

procmail: Locking "/staff/sacha/.msgid.lock"
procmail: Executing " formail -D 8192 ~/.msgid.cache"
formail: Couldn't open/bin/sh: 19050 Memory fault - core dumped
procmail: [19044] Tue Jun 11 19:29:03 1996
procmail: Program failure (139) of " formail -D 8192 ~/.msgid.cache"
procmail: Assigning "LASTFOLDER= formail -D 8192 ~/.msgid.cache"
procmail: Unlocking "/staff/sacha/.msgid.lock"

What am I doing wrong?

In my .procmailrc, I have

# remove duplicate mails (ie with same id number)
:0 Wh:/staff/sacha/.msgid.lock 
| formail -D 8192 ~/.msgid.cache


PS. Please CC replies to me, as I just unsubscribed (Murphy's law!)

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