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Re: formail: Couldn't open/bin/sh

1996-06-15 13:28:32
Sacha Sardo Infirri <sacha(_at_)kurims(_dot_)kyoto-u(_dot_)ac(_dot_)jp> writes:
It appears the the message is being generated by a
recipe of a slightly different structure:

* cond1
:0 c
* cond3
! someone(_at_)blah(_dot_)blah


This should not generate the warning.  Bear in mind that the warning
is emitted *after* the conditions are checked, but *before* the nested
recipes are examined.

Is it ok to put


in the last recipe of the block?

Unless Personal/personal.mail is a directory, I would not do so.
If it's in berkeley mbox format then you should definately leave
the colon there.

Philip Guenther

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