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Scoring on spam (was Re: Rejecting multiple names/subjects at once?)

1996-06-15 06:13:44
On Fri, 14 Jun 1996 11:38:01 -0500 (CDT),
dattier(_at_)wwa(_dot_)com (David W. Tamkin) wrote:
Era Eriksson posted a set of spam-killing recipes ...
| SPAM="!!!+|\$\$+|(,000)+|magazine| ... " # etcetera, make your own ;-)
Of course, if you're going to test for (,000)+ as an entire alternative
by itself with no need for anything specific to the left or the right of
it, you might as well, just test for ,000; also, I personally would prefer

I was going to comment on this but my message got long enough. :-)
  This is on purpose; without the plus, $1,000,000,000,000 counts as
four matches in the system I'm using. But it's a single spook word, in
the sense I intended. 
  Similarly for "\$\$+" and "!!!+". 
  Of course, if you use a different method, the above argument might
actually be valid. As long as I'm using this ancient version, I'm
stuck with nuking $SPAM.*$SPAM.*$SPAM or something fairly much like
  (I suppose you could just kill anything matching ",000" and hope
nobody ever starts a thread about "the $1,000 question" or something
like that ...)

Mail from a non-suspect .com site with neither "web" nor $SPAM escapes.
Mail from a non-suspect .com site with "web" but no $SPAM scores -1.1.
Mail from a non-suspect .com site with one $SPAM but no "web" scores -.3.
Mail from a non-suspect .com site with "web" and one $SPAM scores -.2.
None of those result in rejection.

Excellent! Thanks for this example. (I thought it would have been
easier, really.) Something for the "best-of" archive, IMHO. 

/* era */

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