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Re: Rejecting multiple names/subjects at once?

1996-06-09 19:13:47
} Wotan <wotan(_at_)netcom(_dot_)com> wrote
} This is what I use to eliminate garbage from the known bozos.
} :0 
} {
}       DELIVERED=yes      # tell sendmail to go away
} #Set values
}       FROM=`$FORMAIL -zrx To:| sed -e 's/@netcom[0-9.]*.*//'`
}       BOZOS=$PMDIR/.nobozo # No ack wanted
}       :0 # if we are here, remove from ack recipients
} #If the twit resides in directory $BOZOS - act on this mail
}       * ? test -f $BOZOS/$FROM 
}       | $FORMAIL -r; cat $PMDIR/bozo | $SENDMAIL -oi -t
} }
} .nobozo is  a directory containing 0 byte files, and the names of the 
} files are the addresses of people I don't want to hear from.
} Format looks like so:
} ----------  1 wotan    users0          0 May 13 21:03 anon(_at_)anon(_dot_)com
} -rw-------  1 wotan    users0          0 Apr 24 19:42 


Thanks for the recipe, Wotan.

Is there a way to convert this to a text file that also scans for
'subjects'?  Many of the spams I deal with are best remedied with a
combination of 'subject line', 'user(_at_)site'  and just 'site'.  There
are some sites (, for ewxample) where no good ever
comes of mail sent from there.

Although your notion of file names is also good because it has a date
stamp right there.  Let me ask you, can these files contain anything?
I mean let's say I want to place a few lines in there explaining why I
put them in the bozo file, or maybe a copy of their post that placed
them there (for future reference and 'proof' of mis-behavior)?

Can this recipe be expanded to include the subject and site only
information?  Or should something new be created.... maybe perl or

Much appreciation.


William Pfeiffer
wdp(_at_)airwaves(_dot_)com  *  wdp(_at_)wwa(_dot_)com *