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Re: splitting popclient output into mailboxes

1996-06-13 13:33:22

In message <199606131542(_dot_)LAA00537(_at_)jander(_dot_)com>, Jim Anderson 
I'm retrieving mail via popclient and need to split it into specific
mailboxes based on my .procmailrc file. But I haven't figured out how
to get this to work.

Any suggestions appreciated.

When I was looking at a similar situation, my workaround was to do the following
to config.h (of popclient):

/***** Mail Delivery Agent (MDA) definitions  *****/

/* fully-qualified pathname for the MDA (usually /bin/mail) */
/* #define  MDA_PATH  "/bin/mail"  */
#define  MDA_PATH "/usr/local/bin/procmail"

/* passed as argv[0] to the MDA (usually just the basename of the mailer) */
#define  MDA_ALIAS  "procmail"

/* MDA command args; $u passes user's login id (usually "-d $u") */
/* (may be undefined if the mailer doesn't require arguments (?!)) */
/* #define  MDA_ARGS  "-d $u" */
#define MDA_ARGS  "-f-"

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