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Re: Digest sending 'listdist' with headers

1996-06-15 13:54:47
AIRWAVES MEDIA <rrb(_at_)clm(_dot_)aiss(_dot_)uiuc(_dot_)edu> writes:
When I send a digest out, I notice that my listdist address (the
include alias for the actual list) shows up in the headers of
the digest, such as this...

 Received: (from user(_at_)localhost) by (8.7.4/8.7.3) id
 XAA13106 for list-dist; Tue, 28 May 19

'list-dist' is my list-alias in sendmail.  I don't want the alias name
to be sent out with my digests, since I don't want people to be able to
bypass the digest and send directly to my mailing list AND I do not
want people to be able to do an EXPN on my list and get the addresses.

Is there a way to make procmail/smartlist send the 'listdist' as a
Bcc:, which shouldn't show up in the headers?   Alternately are there
any sendmail or other config options that would eliminate this?

When I have sent mail to the alias, placing it as a Bcc: in the
manually-sent email, the alias does not show up.

Try sticking in a header "Resent-Bcc: list-dist" using formail before
you feed the outgoing message back to sendmail.  That may keep sendmail
from mentioning it in the Received: header.  If it still mentiones it
(which would contradict your last paragraph, so it shouldn't) then you'll
have to give sendmail two addresses to send to.  If you're subscribed to
the list, then you could have the sendmail invocation from procmail say:

... | $SENDMAIL -oi list-dist rrb(_at_)clm(_dot_)aiss(_dot_)uiuc(_dot_)edu

sendmail should eliminate the duplicate in processing, but because it
now has two recipient addresses it should no longer say "for ...." in
the Received: header (that bit in the header definition is conditioned
on there being only one recipient).

Philip Guenther

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