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PROCMAIL: From uucp must be accepted

1996-06-27 03:50:40

A few days ago I posted to the mailing list asking for help concerning
a user who's mail did not get processed by procmail. To remind you of
the problem, here are the significant parts of the users mail header:

From uucp(_at_)news1(_dot_)gtn(_dot_)com Sat Jun 22 01:15:15 1996
Return-Path: <uucp(_at_)news1(_dot_)gtn(_dot_)com>
Received: from by (4.1/SMI-4.1.9)
        id AA17396; Sat, 22 Jun 96 01:15:06 +0200
Received: (from uucp(_at_)localhost) by (8.7.2/8.7.2) id BAA22505 
for alex(_at_)zool(_dot_)unizh(_dot_)ch; Sat, 22 Jun 1996 01:02:31 +0200 (MET 
Received: by (DUUCP vom 27.05.1996)
        with ZConnect; 21 Jun 1996 11:49:00 +0200
From: herm(_at_)world(_dot_)gun(_dot_)de (Thorsten Hermes)

As you can see, this person is not a daemon ;) the problem is, that he
is mailing through a gateway. procmail seems to take the 
   From uucp(_at_)news1(_dot_)gtn(_dot_)com 
line as a ^FROM_DAEMON mail. Since I allways specify !^FROM_DAEMON,
this expressions causes the mail to be skipped. The regexp is on the
procmailrc man page.

The postmaster(_at_)news1(_dot_)gtn(_dot_)com told me, that my software 
(procmail) was
evaluating the wrong From line, and that it should be changed (to look
at the From: line). He cannot change the From uucp line, since he uses
that to trace mail back to the gateways (as far as I understood him).

So what should I do - copy the entire regexp FROM_DAEMON into my
.procmailrc file, editing out the uucp string? Would that pose a
security risk? Or is there something else I can do?


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Znamifktzgck. A. Schroeder, Buelachstr. 1c, CH-8057 Zuerich, Switzerland.
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