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Re: question about VT100 and procmail

1996-06-28 11:56:26
Gumbie <gumbie(_at_)sunspot(_dot_)tiac(_dot_)net> writes:
   I am haveing a problem with getting email from other mailing lists 
that contanins VT100 ESC sequences in them, i wish to filter all these 
emails to a seperate folder or /dev/null even... 
  My problem is how to i do a match for ESC sequeces in the Subject:, 
and body of email, Mainly the VT100 screen test sequence (it's the most 

Depending on your reasons for refiling/dropping these messages, you may
want to _not_ filter out those where someone just accidentally tried to
use the left arrow key ("ESC [D") to delete text, i.e.,

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