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SPAM Prevention and "Return-Path:" ??

1997-10-11 23:26:26

I am working on a SPAM prevention system with procmail.  I would like to
have an "autoreply" recipe that asks to be removed from unrequested
e-mail lists (spoofed or fraudulent originators being automatically
deleted).  "Autoreply" is not the issue.

The issue is that I have several domain names on an old DNS that has
procmail but not formail.  It seems that I can do e-mail address
aliasing but not any other special processing or reformatting.

I have those addresses forwarded via procmail to another DNS where I
have procmail AND formail.  Now that I can do filtering and processing
all the mail gets replied to the "Return-Path:" address instead of the
"From:" address (the "Return-Path:" address gets added on at the old

How do I get procmail to send the autoreply message to the "From:"
address instead of the "Return-Path:" address?  Where might this
documentation be located?

I realize that under "normal" circumstances it would be preferable to
have the mail go to the "Return-Path:" address if there is one but not
in this case.

I am not on this list yet so please send cc: to my personal address.


- pi -
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