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Re: How come procmail doesn't know \t code?

1997-10-28 09:53:39
Jari Aalto wrote,

| Procmail has been around a long time, since 1994, so how come
| it still doesn't support standard \t character code? I find this
| real pain and error prone in my code. Is the re a hope
| to get this fixed in near future?
|         #  Autch, can't do it like this....
|         :0
|         * [ \t]+some    

You can still do it with a real horizontal tab character.  If that doesn't
satisfy you, you can set a variable that contains a tab (or a space and a
tab) and use it with "$" interpretation:

SPACETAB="      "

and then write things like

        * $ ^Header-Name:[$SPACETAB]*\/[^$SPACETAB].*

As another approach, do you have an editor that can make tabs visible as ^I
or \t while you edit your rcfile?

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