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Re: Really a sendmail question

1999-02-26 13:46:05
Bill Moseley <moseley(_at_)hank(_dot_)org> writes:
I'm using Procmail somewhere in this loop, but my real question is about
sendmail setup.

I've got a cgi script where people put in their email address, and the
script sends them email.  I set an Errors-To: and From: header to point to
where a Procmail script is waiting to process and redirect any bounced
mail.  Works fine on one system, not on the target system, though.

Get rid of the Errors-To: header.  Errors-To: was a kludge to deal with
UUCP and is now officially deprecated by sendmail.  Modern sendmails
ignore it by default.  The real problem is that you're not setting the
envelope sender.  See below.

The problem is that the local machine doesn't return any bounced messages
(if someone enters a bad domain name, for example).  Bounces from remote
systems work find.

I'm invoking  /usr/lib/sendmail -t -oi -oem  to return errors by mail.

Any other switches I can give sendmail to get bounced messages mailed to
me?  Or  what would the sysadmin need to do to get this working?  (I'm
assuming that the web user 'nobody' doesn't have a mail drop, perhaps.)

Add the -f flag with the address to which bounce messages should be

        /usr/lib/sendmail -t -f moseley(_at_)hank(_dot_)org -oi -oem

Philip Guenther

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