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Re: Really a sendmail question

1999-02-27 01:51:34
At 05:48 PM 2/26/99 -0600, Philip Guenther wrote:
     /usr/lib/sendmail -t -oi -oem -ba

Ick.  I would suggest avoiding ARPANET mode, as the sendmail people
want to get rid of it.  Indeed, it was missing from some of the 8.6.x
versions.  Specify the envelope sender directly using the -f flag

Of course I should try it, but can I use the -f switch running as 'nobody'?

   -fname      Sets the name of the ``from'' person (i.e., the sender of the
               mail).  -f can only be used by ``trusted'' users (normally
               root, daemon, and network) or if the person you are trying to
               become is the same as the person you are.

I don't think I fit into any of those.

What about this switch?   I'm not sure what 'implies' means here, but it
would seem to, eh, imply that it works like the -ba switch, but in a better
way.  Not sure if that 'implies' also means it looks at From: and Sender:.

   -bs         Use the SMTP protocol as described in RFC821 on standard in-
               put and output.  This flag implies all the operations of the
               -ba flag that are compatible with SMTP.

Again, I sent mail with bad addresses (bad domain names) on two different
machines via a cgi script.  One bounced correctly, the other I never heard
from again.  Must be some configuration differences that's making it not
Thanks again,

BTW -- how does one get the version out of sendmail?

Bill Moseley

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