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Re: Procmail deliver mail after hours!!

1999-02-27 01:40:10
Dear Philip,
Thanks for your help. With your giude, I underestand that the problem is with 
mailtool(Mail client on Openlook environment)
When user using mailtool, their mail don't receive untill they close mailtool! 
Any suggestion?


X-UIDL: 218aad5584c42af3e95b1ce9b19e5fa8
To: Nader Atoofi <nader(_at_)dpiran(_dot_)net>
Cc: procmail(_at_)informatik(_dot_)rwth-aachen(_dot_)de
Subject: Re: Procmail deliver mail after hours!! 
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 11:23:18 -0600
From: Philip Guenther <guenther(_at_)gac(_dot_)edu>

Nader Atoofi <nader(_at_)dpiran(_dot_)net> writes:
I have a strange problem with procmail v3.11pre7. I had some nags from our 
users that their mail recieve 
ater hours and I found that the problem is with procmail. I saw that there 
are lots of procmail process 
as below are running:

ps -ef | grep procmail
 touraj 10850 10849  0 17:33:33 ?        0:00 procmail -f 
 -a  -d touraj
 touraj 10627 10623  0 15:47:43 ?        0:00 procmail -f 
 -a  -d touraj
 touraj 10866     1  0 17:33:51 ?        0:00 procmail -Y -a  -d touraj
  nader 10907 10853  0 17:36:45 pts/1    0:00 grep procmail
 touraj 10903 10902  0 17:36:19 ?        0:00 procmail -Y -a  -d touraj
sahra 9> 

Or, when I manualy deliver mail via sendmail -v, it stop with "connecting to 
ocal" messages and after 
some hours, it deliver the mail!
Could someone help me what's wrong with it?

It sounds like locking problems.  Did you compile procmail on your mail
server or a machine with identical kernel version?  Did you override
the locking tests?  Do your users use the OpenLook mailtool (on Sun

Another thing you can check for when you see processes like the above
is whether a lockfile exists for that user's mailspool.

Philip Guenther

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