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New and need help

1999-02-26 22:08:38
New to this and trying to set up a autoresponder through procmail.
For some reason it is not working for me, below is the code in my .procmailrc 
file could some one take a look and see if there is a problem?

# Set Autorespond variables
:0 ic
* ^TOsales(_at_)programmingjunkies(_dot_)com
*!^X-Loop: sales(_at_)programmingjunkies(_dot_)com
|(formail -r -A "Precedence: junk"\
-I"From: Auto-Reply <sales(_at_)programmingjunkies(_dot_)com>"\
-I"Subject: Sales Recieved E-Mail"\
-A "X-Loop: sales(_at_)programmingjunkies(_dot_)com";\
cat $FILEDIR/sales.txt)|$SENDMAIL -t

Ken Gray
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