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Overlapping Problem

1999-02-28 07:07:20
Hi there,

I have a CGI script which creates an autoresponder for every member in its
database.  For some customers, there are probably going to be thousands of
members.  Each member gets a free autoresopnder, 

Here's an example of the few lines which the script writes to the
.procmailrc file for each member:


* ^To:(_dot_)*mwatkins(_at_)mydomain(_dot_)com
        FROM=`formail -rtzxTo:`
        SUBJECT=`formail -rtzxSubject:`
        TO=`formail -tzxTo:`

        | /usr/www/mysite/cgi-bin/


Since every recipe is EXACTLY the same for every member except for the
condition, I was wondering if it's possible to have one recipe in the
.procmailrc file to handle all members, then have all of the addresses for
the autoresponders stored in a text file, so I could have just one condition
        * To:.*`cat addresses.txt`

Is there anyway to do this?

Thanks alot,
Mike Watkins

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