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Re: conditionals ignored

1999-02-28 07:09:24
At 10:08 AM 2/28/99 +0200, Eric Smith wrote:

The following two recipes are being executed whenever _any_ mail arrives.
       * ^From:(_dot_)*john(_at_)fruit(_dot_)com
       :0 c
       |/usr/local/bin/uudeview -i -p /d/marketdata/USTO01/ - ;

The first two lines are backwards.  Same with your other problem case.

I presume the rest was supposed to be all one line?  It wrapped to two by
the time I got it.  It will not do what you want if it gets split
when you write out your .procmailrc; you want to be careful about using
editors that do that, and/or use '\' to continue long lines.

Hope that helps,

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