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Re: Trouble with Autoresponder....Please help

2001-06-05 00:23:14
Odhiambo Washington <wash(_at_)wananchi(_dot_)com> writes:
I am having a big mail loop problem with a recipe I have applied for one
of my users....and I am failing to see where the loop emanates from. Could
someone kindly look at this recipe and tell me where I went wrong..


#Autoresponder.....instead of VACATION!
## Avoid e-mail loops and accept mail from lists I am subscribed to.
* ! ^(TO|CC|Cc)(_dot_)*njeri(_at_)wananchi\(_dot_)com
#* ! ^FROM:.*
* ! ^FROM:(_dot_)*njeri(_at_)wananchi(_dot_)com

There's no ":0" there, so procmail doesn't consider any of the above
lines to be conditions.  If you checked your logfile (you _do_ set
LOGFILE, right???) you should find a bunch of messages saying

Skipped: "* ! condition here..."

Hmm, that first intended condition ("^(TO|CC...") doesn't really make
sense unless you're putting this in the /etc/procmailrc file, which you
shouldn't be.  This should go in the user's own .procmailrc in their
home directory.  If that is *COMPLETELY* impossible for some reason,
then there are ways to _correctly_ conditionalize such a recipe in the
/etc/procmailrc file, but ^(TO|CC) is not one of them.

:0 c
| /usr/local/bin/formail -rtzxTo: >> $FILEDIR/autobot.log

Don't hardcode paths: just say "formail".


That should probable be


no?  Of course, if this was in the user's .procmailrc then you would be
able to simply leave off that recipe and let the normal delivery handle
it.  In fact, that's even true when the recipe is in the /etc/procmailrc
file.  Remove that last recipe (one less than to go wrong...).

Philip Guenther
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