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From: checking

2001-06-10 19:51:57
hello list,

I am not sure of this was asked before, but i am new to the list
so i will ask :)

From time to time i get spam in my mailbox addressed directly to me, but
From: header lists some none-existing-user(_at_)linuxinside(_dot_)com(_dot_) is my own server, so i was wondering how can i make
procmail check my /etc/mail/virtusertable or some other way to determine if 
that message has forged From: header. However, my wife and few of my friends
use e-mail addresses, so i can not really block all 

^ *From:.*

Thank you in advance,

<?php $company = 'WebSideStory, Inc.'; $contact_info = array(
'addr1'=>'10182 Telesis Ct., 6th Floor','addr2'=>'San Diego, CA, 92121',
while(list($k,$v)=each($contact_info)) { echo "$v<br>\n"; } ?>
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