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Re: Finally - A master recipe site??

2001-06-19 20:16:52
On Tue, Jun 19, 2001, Colin J. Raven wrote:

No one has written an ORA book especially addressing procmail...

Heh, what's wrong with the man pages? :)

So gang, I guess I'd like to know what everyone thinks about this,
1. Is it worthwhile?

I don't know, but I'd be willing to contribute if you decided to do
this. The question is, are there really that many "unique" recipes out
there? I have a total of 3 unique recipes of my own, and the rest are
just recycled version of the first 3.

2. Would you contribute recipes for inclusion?

See above.

3. Would you be prepared to produce a few sentences of explanation with each
recipe submitted?

Well sure, I think it's rather silly to do something if you don't know
what they heck your even doing. Good luck, and hopefully, other will be
willing to contribute as well.

Robert Hough (rch(_at_)solveinteractive(_dot_)com)
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