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Re: Promail [sic] version 3.14

2001-06-20 13:44:29
Tien-Dat (Tim) Huynh wrote:
I am running my mail server on Linux with Sendmail version 8.11 and
have procmail 3.14 as my local delivery.  I have this problem that
when mails are coming it does not seperate the mails probably.  The
From line of the second e-mail is attached to the end of the first
e-mail and if I have more mails coming in it just creates one big
e-mail.  Is there anyway I can fix this problem?  Thnx for your
respond, greatly appreciated!

To what mailbox format are you intending to deliver?  What you describe
sounds suspiciously like mbox format, which is probably the most widely
used mailbox format for UNIX.  Specifying a filename as a mailbox name
in a delivering recipe will cause Procmail to append the mail to the
specified file, as you describe.

For more detail:  man procmailrc

        -- Mr. Wade

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