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Re: Mailbox permissions and formail

2001-08-09 12:37:31
David Stone <dstone(_at_)chem(_dot_)utoronto(_dot_)ca> writes:
Is there anything about the permissions on my mailbox file/folder
that would prevent formail (but not procmail) from writing to it?

Situation: if I try to use formail to redirect mail to specific
folders (including my regular mailbox), formail returns an exitcode
of (1) and so my procmail recipe default-delivers everything.

This just started happening recently - the same .procmailrc was
working just fine until procmail/formail were upgraded last

Rather than make us guess what your recipes and logfile entries look like,
why don't you send them to the list?  Also, what version of procmail
did you upgrade from and to?

Philip Guenther
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