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Re: Mailbox permissions and formail

2001-08-09 12:52:40
Rather than make us guess what your recipes and logfile entries look like,
why don't you send them to the list?  Also, what version of procmail
did you upgrade from and to?

I already did that, and the only response I got was a suggestion to use
:0f instead of :0: on delivering recipes, which didn't seem to helpful.
I guess the original mail got lost in the shuffle somehow.

Here's the information (originally sent as "Procmail/Formail question...")
Since sending the original message, I also remembered that I'd recently
received an automated notification that the sysyem had reset my mailbox
permissions to 700 (and I remember something about mailboxes not being

Dave Stone

Running on RH Linux 7.x (how do I check this?)
PROCMAIL VERSION:  procmail v3.21 2001/06/29
Your system mailbox:  /var/spool/mail/dstone

FROM THE .procmailrc:

SHELL=/bin/sh                         # user shell - csh not recommended
LINEBUF=8192                          # gives procmail room to work
MAILDIR=/var/spool/mail/$LOGNAME      # !!! location of mail folders


* [some match condition]
| formail -A "X-Sorted: IN_MAIL_TAG" >> $MAILDIR


procmail: Locking "..lock"
procmail: Executing " formail -A "X-Sorted: IN_MAIL_TAG" >> $MAILDIR"
/bin/sh: .: Is a directory
procmail: Error while writing to " formail -A "X-Sorted: IN_MAIL_TAG" >>
procmail: Non-zero exitcode (1) from " formail -A "X-Sorted: IN_MAIL_TAG"
procmail: Assigning "LASTFOLDER= formail -A "X-Sorted: IN_MAIL_TAG" >>
procmail: Unlocking "..lock"

# AT THIS POINT, procmail should have delivered to the mail folder specified
# by $MAILDIR and exited normally; now, execution continues through extra
# code.  E.g. the test to divert list mail before hitting spam filters no
# longer works, and a good chunk of my list mail ends up in the spam folder

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