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Re: Input of an extracted field value to a script

2001-08-17 11:43:52
* Harsha Vardhana R <hvardhan(_at_)cisco(_dot_)com> [010817 11:05]:

I need to extract a word from 'Subject' field and and pass it on to a script
for further processing.
I am extracting the first word in the 'Subject' field.

My $HOME/.procmailrc contents are


STRING=`formail -zxSubject:` #(get the subject field)
S1=`echo $STRING | cut -f1 -d ' '` #(Extract the first word)

* ^From.*hvardhan
* ^Subject:.Status
| $HOME/ProcTrial/ProcessString "$S1"

But it is not working in the intended way

My procmail log file contents are

procmail: [10233] Fri Aug 17 10:11:24 2001
procmail: Executing "formail,-zxSubject:"
procmail: [10233] Fri Aug 17 10:11:28 2001
procmail: Assigning "STRING=StatusReport  Important  20Aug2001"
procmail: [10233] Fri Aug 17 10:11:29 2001
procmail: Executing "echo $STRING | cut -f1 -d ' '"
procmail: [10233] Fri Aug 17 10:11:29 2001
procmail: Assigning "S1=StatusReport"
procmail: [10233] Fri Aug 17 10:11:40 2001
procmail: Match on "^From.*hvardhan"
procmail: Match on "^Subject:.Status"
procmail: Couldn't determine implicit lockfile from
procmail: Locking ".lock"
procmail: [10233] Fri Aug 17 10:11:43 2001
procmail: Executing "/users/hvardhan/ProcTrial/ProcessString,StatusReport"
procmail: [10233] Fri Aug 17 10:11:48 2001
procmail: Error while writing to "/users/hvardhan/ProcTrial/ProcessString"
procmail: Assigning "LASTFOLDER=/users/hvardhan/ProcTrial/ProcessString
procmail: Unlocking ".lock"

What are the causes for the error here? Are there any special rules
regarding running scripts ?

Looks like something is going wrong w/ your script "ProcessString".
Check the permissions on it.  Is it executable?  I usually invoke
scripts like this:


You could make the script more compact (and perhaps more efficient) by
writing it like this:

* ^From.*hvardhan
* ^Subject:.Status
    S1=`formail -zxSubject: | cut -f1 -d ' '` 
    | $HOME/ProcTrial/ProcessString "$S1"

Won't fix the script error though.

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