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Re: digest splits

2001-08-18 17:51:29
I´ll answer myself.  It´s a known feature... of formail.

On my .fetchmailrc I have: mda "formail -ds procmail"

From ´man formail´ I gather that I should write this like
        formail +1 -ds procmail
instead and explains the ´+[0-9]´ as:

        skip the first skip messages while splitting

What does this ´skip´ mean and, how is it different to write
or not the ´+[0-9]´ skip?

On Sun, Aug 19, 2001 at 01:32:37AM +0200, homega(_at_)wanadoo(_dot_)es wrote:
I´m getting the digests from some mailing list splitted,
and it might be procmail or formail that are splitting them up.
In my list mailbox I get the one message from the mailing
list digest address with only a list of the subjects, plus
a number of messages which correspond to these subjects.

fetchmail definetely retrieves the digest as only one
message and then passes it to procmail.  The only rule
about that specific mailing list in my ~/.procmailrc is:

* ^TO_*list-users(_at_)mailinglist(_dot_)dom

then I realize that the digest message headers are:

From list-users-admin(_at_)mailinglist(_dot_)dom
From: list-users-request(_at_)mailinglist(_dot_)dom
(TO_ includes the From headers, right?)

so, I should have used:
* ^TO_*list-users-admin(_at_)mailinglist(_dot_)dom

and the rest of messages seem to have had their full headers
cut off, and the From and To fields are:

From user(_at_)anydomain(_dot_)dom
From: user(_at_)anydomain(_dot_)dom
To: list-users(_at_)mailinglist(_dot_)dom
(where ``user´´ is the original sender of the message)

Funny, it looks like procmail is seeing every single line
with the To: field set to list-users(_at_)mailinglist(_dot_)dom, and
delivering them separetely.

Is this a feature, unintended feature, intended bug, bug?
If it´s a feature, I wonder if it will work with digests
coming from other list managers like majordomo (the list
digest it split is managed by Mailman).

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