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Re: problems with a recipie that handles the undeliverable emails

2001-08-19 02:13:24
Erik Vetters <erik(_dot_)vetters(_at_)cii(_dot_)de> writes:
I have a problem with a procmail recpie that I use to inform the sender
that one adress is not valid. Our email server qpopper and sendmail
delivers a emails that do not match with one of the email-users, to an
special account.

(The sendmail documentation calls that a "luser-relay".)

But the problem now is that when the TO Field contains more
email-adresses than formail extracts all TO-adresses a not only the
false so that the sender gets the mail back with many adress. 

What don't use just let sendmail bounce messages to unknown local address
like it does by default.  Then those bounce messages would serve as
the notification and would be properly formatted as DSN for automatic
handling by mailing lists and the like.  (When someone's account is
closed, you start sending these "unknown address" messages right?
What if they were on a mailing list?)

Assuming there's a reason you can't do that, you should at least modify
the luser-relay to save the address that was invalid, perhaps by passing
it via the '+detail' info to the procmail script.  That would allow the
procmail rcfile to access the address being bounced as "$1".

Philip Guenther
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