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should I use procmail or sendmail?

2001-08-27 11:56:39
I have a mail server on a Redhat Linux 7.0 box. I am using both sendmail and 
The problem is that I also run a web site on the same box, and the site has a 
email address on one of the pages. Apparently quite a number of people who are 
infected with the SirCam virus once visited that page, because we are being 
with SirCam email. I would like to filter out this email, using the 
characteristic "I send you 
this file in order to have your advice", or some substring thereof. Is it best 
to use 
sendmail to do this, or should I use procmail, and if I use procmail, how is it 
done? I have 
tried sample filters, such as

:0 B
* ^advice*
   :0 c

and *many* variations on this theme. The procmail logs indicate that the test 
fails, so the file is never sent to /dev/null.

What to the procmail gods out there think I should do?

Bill Tangren

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