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RE: Recipe to match within text - need help

2003-05-30 17:12:43
Hi all.  I'm having trouble coming up with a recipe for what I need and I
was hoping someone here could help.  I've studied examples and FAQ pages
but can't get anywhere.

I have an HTML classified ad submission form on my website (see: ) The submissions come through as
email and I put up the ads by hand.  Unfortunately, spammers have gotten
ahold of the specs and I get 100-200 spam submissions every day.  No that's
not a typo.  I get 5-10 legit ads per week.

Just an idea you could change the way you run classifieds on your site.

You can find several good programs that are gpl,  that after the initial set
up really don't require your time.  The end user fills out a form and whala
it on your site!

Also after looking at your site you might find it easier to maintain with a
I would recommend  --it to is gpl

Like I said just an idea,


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