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Re: not as easy as the FAQ - (was Re: IMAP filtering, how to mark my own messages read)

2005-08-23 16:26:51
On Wed, Aug 24, 2005 at 01:18:52AM +0200, Dallman Ross wrote:
On Wed, Aug 24, 2005 at 01:03:15AM +0200, Klaus Johannes Rusch

Dallman Ross wrote:

:0 wc
* ^Sender: procmail-bounces(_at_)lists\(_dot_)RWTH-Aachen\(_dot_)DE

:0 A

Don't you risk overwriting files with this?

I don't see how.  $LASTFOLDER in maildir++ is unique,
so far as I know, and the mail reader always changes
the name to $LASTFOLDER:2,S to make it read.

Probably better with some flags on the second recipe,
just to give procmail a break:

  :0 A hi

Otoh, procmail list headers are typically 89+ lines
long, and the body is typically less.  So maybe, for
the procmail list, "hi" should be "bi".  Nah, I
think it's probably a wash, but I'll go with "hi".


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