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Re: IMAP filtering, how to mark my own messages read

2005-08-23 16:29:27
Emil Isberg wrote:

Timothy uses maildir and not mbox-folders so changing the 
in-mail-status-flag wont work (except perhaps for UW-imap).

In maildir (and maildir++) the status is part of the filename, so
after the file is written to new you need to get the filename and
change it with :2,S while moving it to cur.

There is to my knowledge no builtin in procmail to do that, and there
is no faq about it either.

We can do it with one call to an outside program:

* conditions

  .$foldername/ # stores in .$foldername/new/

  * LASTFOLDER ?? /\/[^/]+$
  { tail=$MATCH }

  TRAP="mv $LASTFOLDER .$foldername/cur/$tail:2,S"


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